• Hello, new student! I'm excited to meet you.

    Are you new to yoga? Are you returning to yoga? Are you recovering from injury? Come join me in practicing therapeutic yoga that nurtures and strengthens in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, away from dramas, vanities, and ego. I'm here to help you journey in attaining peace and a better sense of home in the body, mind, and spirit. All bodies are welcome:)

  • Yoga & Mindfulness Services

    I offer private, small group, and large group classes in studio or at your location for the following:


    Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga -Restorative and strength building program for moms-to-be during their prenatal journey. The postnatal journey assists in healing the body and strengthening it after baby arrives.


    Baby & Me: Custom private or group baby and me classes to encourage bonding, help parents strengthen, and enjoy yoga with baby! Significant experience with children who have special needs and offer a yoga infused "early intervention" where we address primitive reflex building and assist babies and toddlers with meeting developmental milestones in their own journey.


    Children's Yoga: Fun and custom private or group classes designed to meet the ages and needs of infants, children, tweens, and teenagers in their journeys. We strengthen bodies, enhance the primitive reflexes, and assist children in seeking focus and connection to their peace.





  • Women's Yoga: Custom private and group yoga classes address the unique anatomy and needs of women in all stages of life, with special loving care and attention given to strengthening and nurturing the pelvic floor. A great activity for a night in or out!


    Yoga for All: Custom private or group classes for individuals with all needs and health conditions. All ages, all bodies, and all levels are welcome. I teach therapeutic/gentle yoga (can flow and power upon request!) and will tailor each class with custom pranayama (breath) and asanas (poses) for individuals' needs to help them be empowered in their own yoga practice and their own journey in yoga and meditation.


    Yoga Nidra and Meditation: Custom Yoga Nidras or Guided Meditations based on individuals' requests, belief systems, and custom needs.


    Yoga For Writers: Classes and workshops addressing the unique needs of writers in their life journeys and all fitness levels. Customized classes ease sedentary stresses, writer's block, and the unique obstacles in communicating thoughts to the greater universe.


    Corporate Classes: Custom workshops and classes for small or large businesses looking to: boost morale, encourage peacefulness in a stressful world, and promote healthy lifestyles (which lowers insurance costs, increases productivity, and decreases sick days!). All classes are customized to the unique needs and religious traditions of the organization.


  • Current Studio Classes

    Come visit me each week at my home studio, Heal Me Yoga, 10506 Wakeman Drive, Fredericksburg, VA 22407


    Yin Yoga

    Mondays- Heal Me Yoga 6:30-7:45 pm (co-taught with Tanja Awan)

    Ready for the fun and peace without the stress? All levels welcome as we journey in nurturing the joints, exploring poses for longer periods of time, and deepening our yoga practice. Restorative modifications are offered and you leave feeling replenished and nourished for the week ahead!

    Chair Yoga For Every Body

    Thursday 5:30 pm-6:30 pm

    Welcome to a class for your precious body! All levels and all bodies are welcome in this fun, replenishing chair yoga class where we explore breathing, chair poses, and meditation each week. Every body can do yoga!

  • Lives in Fredericksburg, VA Works everywhere.

    Sarah Blunkosky, 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher RYT, is a proud wife and mother of three homeschooled kids, one of whom has Down syndrome and is on the Autistic Spectrum, a radiant spectrum. Radiant Spectrum Yoga is the Mindfulness and Movement branch of Learning Heroine LLC, which serves all populations, specializing in prenatal, postnatal, and children's unique yoga needs. Radiant Spectrum Yoga also offers trauma sensitive adaptions (Sarah is a trauma survivor) and more gentle/therapeutic style accommodations for all levels and classes.


    Radiant Spectrum yoga offers mindfulness education, custom classes, and respects all genders, religious affiliations, and people with unique developmental or accessibility needs. Sarah is classically trained and offers eight-limbed, Full Spectrum Yoga classes which include: meditation, breath practices, ethical living/values, asanas/postures, understanding one's relationship in the universe, and building introspective self-practices.


    Call or Text Today: (540) 429-9433

  • Learning consultations for home-educating, public school educating, and private school educating families. New homeschool families and seasoned veterans are welcome.


    Custom home learning plans, the home education equivalent of a public school Individual Educational Plan. This is a child specific plan that details concerns, goals, and progress targeted for the learning year.


    I also offer an easy going and thorough proof of progress evaluation experience (four years+) for those who choose an evaluation in lieu of testing.


    I offer assistance for those needing guidance on the Virginia Religious Exemption homeschool option.


    I bring years of advocacy experience to offer information for the following:

    Flexi-schooling Support (Integrating academics in a school and home learning partnership)


    Individual Educational Plan (IEP) Support,Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) Support, 504 Medical Plan Support,and Gifted Process & Appeals Support.



  • About Me

    I completed my 200 Hour registered yoga teacher training at Heal Me Yoga Wellness Institute (ten month program) under my mentor teacher Deborah Bennett, where I also completed my specialty 95 Hour children's yoga teacher training (ten month program) as well. I am currently enrolled in a 300 Hour advanced yoga teacher training (two year program) on my path to lifelong yoga teaching. I also recently completed my 85 Hour Pre/Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training with Rachel Carr.


    To fulfill part of my life's purpose, I will study and teach yoga for the rest of my lifetime in an effort to empower others in connecting deeper to their own inner peace.


    I am also an education consultant, independent research historian, professional advocate (Special Needs and Exceptional), teacher, and writer (my scholarship is a Master’s thesis on Slavery in Fredericksburg). In my pre-mom life, I taught Social Studies and numerous electives at the highly acclaimed Open High School in Richmond, Virginia from 2002-2003, and as a substitute teacher in 2004. I enjoyed working as a graduate teaching assistant while completing my Master's degree in History at Virginia Commonwealth University from 2004-2005. Sharing the learning journey with my own children is the most rewarding (and challenging) journey. Homeschooling styles, educational theory, brain development, genetics, bioethics, and eugenics are all topics of deep research for me.




    " Amazing private prenatal yoga session with a beautiful friend, who is studying to be an instructor. Thank you Sarah! You're gonna blow them away! I want more!"


    "Quiet setting, Sarah the instructor is very gentle."


    "Sarah is an excellent advocate with a strong desire to help students succeed, and she can easily adapt to any requirements relevant to her work. Her insatiable drive for knowledge makes her a competent and thorough researcher. "

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    March 31, 2018

    Come join Sarah B. for a workshop in self-love practices and nurturing using ancient Ayurvedic self-care practices, yoga asanas, yummy tea-tasting, and soothing meditations to deeply love yourself. This self-love will nurture body, mind, and peace, allowing you to better receive and give love. Bring a friend along for the best kind of Saturday morning:)All levels welcome. Chair & Prenatal friendly.


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